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  • Where is the EcoMAXIM manufactured?
    EcoMAXIM is manufactured in California, with all systems and components integrated into secure NEMA rated enclosures.
  • Can I order my EcoMAXIM online?
    All systems are custom-built to specifically meet the needs of your facility -- one size does NOT fit all. Your facility's power usage and quality are evaluated to determine the best solution to your unique power requirements and challenges.
  • What is the ordering and installation process?
    The specific power usage of your business determines the size and number of EcoMAXIM systems needed. They will be configured and installed to target your facility's largest loads, optimizing your return on investment. Once your order is placed, manufacturing will take approximately 6 weeks. We will coordinate with your facility to schedule for a licensed electrician to perform the installation. Installation time typically ranges from 1 to 2 days, but power can remain on for all but 1 to 2 hours.
  • How many EcoMAXIM systems do I need?
    The number of systems needed is determined by your unique power usage and facility setup. A power quality and site evaluation will determine how many systems and what sizes are needed.
  • Does the EcoMAXIM come with a warranty?
    An industry-leading comprehensive 5 year parts warranty comes standard with the EcoMAXIM. Performance is easily verified and monitored at all times via secure cloud-based access to real-time operation.
  • What is the typical payback period for the EcoMAXIM?
    Many customers are experiencing an average payback period of 24 months or less, through energy savings alone. Additional savings come from reduced energized equipment maintenance and extended equipment lifespan. Every site is unique in its payback depending on regional energy prices, utility demand charges, and required sizes and number of EcoMAXIM systems. With an expected life of 20+ years, it's easy to see this is a smart business move.
  • Is EcoMAXIM good for the environment?
    Definitely! All forms of energy have an environmental impact. In many countries a significant percentage of electricity is still generated from fossil fuels. The EcoMAXIM system lowers energy consumption and recycles wasted power back into your facility's grid. Reduced energy demand leads to reduced fossil fuel burning, and reduced carbon emissions. When equipment runs longer, there is less landfill waste and less impact from manufacturing replacement equipment.
  • I have photovoltaic panels. Can I still benefit from the EcoMAXIM system?
    Yes. EcoMAXIM causes everything to run more efficiently. When the motors in your facility are more efficient, they will require less energy from your photovoltaic system. Also, energy generated from photovoltaic panels is subject to significant harmonic distortion from inverters and converters. The EcoMAXIM system mitigates these distortions, making your power the best it can be.
  • Will Variable Frequency Drives cause any problems?
    No problem. We will work with you to understand where your VFDs are located, and determine the best installation configuration.
  • What type of maintenance does the EcoMAXIM require?
    EcoMAXIM does not require any routine maintenance, as there are no moving parts. Its cooling system is self-contained and filter-free. You may check the exterior indicator lights after a major electrical storm to ensure the surge protector is still intact (an easily replaced component). Daily operations can be monitored remotely through cloud-based software interface.
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely. All components of the EcoMAXIM system comply with industry standard certifications. EcoMAXIM also increases safety wherever it is installed, by reducing heat in electrical lines and equipment, and protecting against damaging power surges.
  • When can I expect to see savings on my energy bill?
    You will experience the benefits of the EcoMAXIM system as soon as it is installed. Built-in surge protection safeguards your expensive electronics while stabilized Voltage allows your machinery to run smoother and more efficiently. Amperage reductions reduce heat and strain on motors. The net kVA and kVAr reductions translate to less electricity demand from the utility -- that means less kWh on your bill. Utility billing cycles typically range from 25 - 35 days. Although the EcoMAXIM will begin saving you money by recycling energy back into your facility's grid immediately, depending on where in you billing cycle your system was installed the full savings may not be realized for 2 - 3 months. Also, demand charges imposed on some businesses and industries by the utility should be re-evaluated after installation so the maximum savings are enjoyed.
  • If I change locations, can I take my EcoMAXIM with me?
    Yes. A licensed electrician can remove the system and install it at your new location. If your electrical needs change, a different size may be advised to maximize your energy savings.
  • This all sounds great. Why doesn't every business have EcoMAXIM systems?
    Great question! We at Pure Energy Stream are working hard to get the EcoMAXIM system integrated into commercial and industrial facilities around the world. The more we install, the more everyone benefits from saving money, clean and efficient power, and enjoying a more sustainable environment.
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