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Why choose Pure Energy Stream

Our mission is to be at the forefront of energy efficiency solutions. We lead the way towards a sustainable future by creating innovative clean technology that optimizes power quality and operational efficiency, while reducing environmental impact. Pure Energy Stream contributes to a world where carbon neutrality can be a global standard.

EcoMAXIM Benefits:

  • Reduced electricity bills

  • Lower facility and equipment maintenance costs

  • Extended equipment lifespan

  • Power surge protection up to 50,000 Volts

  • Eliminates transient Voltage events

  • Optimizes Voltage for all energized equipment

  • Protection against harmful harmonic frequencies

  • Rapid return on investment

  • Tax and carbon credit incentive qualified

  • 20+ year lifespan

EcoMAXIM Explained

Regardless of the source of power generation -- wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, coal, gas, oil, geothermal or biomass -- electricity as delivered to the consumer has inherent problems. Voltage loads may be unbalanced, overloaded or sagging. Transient voltages happen hundreds of times every day, harming sensitive electronics. Harmonic frequencies damage digital and computing equipment. Customers upstream and downstream have uneven demands, further stressing the grid and causing power interruptions.

What is a business owner to do?

Now, the solution is here.

EcoMAXIM is a whole-facility integrated energy management system that recycles electricity, balances and optimizes Voltage, protects against harmful power transients, surges and harmonics, and extends the useful life of all energized equipment.

Unlike traditional power conditioners, EcoMAXIM contains patented components that reduce real kiloWatt consumption for significant cost savings.

EcoMAXIM installs at the Main Distribution Panel, addressing power quality issues at the source. One of the patented components captures electricity that previously would be lost to ground or the neutral line, routing this energy back into the facility for useful work. Another component generates kiloWatts through a proprietary process.


The net result of this combination of markedly improved efficiency, power recycling, and power generation, is a significant savings on the customer's power bill!

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